Sunday, 4 August 2013

Curiology Online review~

 Hello! I've wanted to review CuriologyOnline (their FB) for quite a long time! What hook me up was they were holding a 30%off the order event. Woohoo! So this are the stock pictures of what I've ordered:

I placed my order on 24th July. I have received the package exactly week later.

This is how the package looked. I didn't expect it to be so small. But. Whatever.

Inside I found a cheap plastic box. Uh, at least my order didn't get damaged in transit, right?

 After opening I took the first necklace out, Til Death do us Part reversible necklace..
My first thought: it's so tiny! Tiny and... very poorly painted. There are unpainted spots on the sides and the paint bleeds in the front where are cuts separating black and wood. Uh. My first disappointment.
Also please do note that basically it's raw wood and it's nowhere sealed so it's most likely to run on your clothes!

But it was nothing til I got my Unicorn Bottle necklace.

The horror! The bottle necklace looks basically nothing like in the stock picture.
The glass is white. In the stock pictures it looks red. The label is printed on a normal paper and if it touches water it will surely be ruined. It is also quite poorly cut out too, as you can see black cutout lines.

But what almost made me cry is this melted glue drool on the inside. It's visible and ugly.

I guess the necklaces look only good photoshopped.

 Shipping: 5/5 £3.70 not too cheap but not too expensive either. Normal time, arrived within a week.
Quality: 2/5 What I got and what is in the stock pictures is totally different.
Price: 2/5 if you take into consideration the quality, they are overcharging much.
Would I buy again? Definitely not! For the price £7.5, I'd never buy that bottled misery.  And I don't think that the wooden necklace is really worth its £10
Overall: 2.5/5 neutral. But I'll never ever buy from them again.

Seems like high hopes and awesome stock pictures met with reality. That's a shame, because their ideas are really cool.


  1. fajny jest ten wisiorek na pierwszym zdjęciu,
    nosiłabym go tak jak na zdjęciu po lewej :)
    obserwuję :D

  2. Krew jednorożca? :P
    Nie znam dobrze angielskiego, tak sobie więc wnioskuję :D

    1. cień jednorożca :)
      sprzedawca zbanował mnie ze swojego fanpejdża =/ no cóż, nie ma po dobroci to tylko zostaje spór PayPala :3

  3. cień jednorożca fajnie wyglada :)

    1. Dzięki, ale i tak jestem smutna że zupełnie różni się od zdjęć na stronie ;w;

  4. I love your blog :)
    would you like to follow each other? let me know! :)

  5. I found this very annoying to discover and read! Especially how you made a valid complaint and you were blocked.
    Everyone knows that all constructive criticism is helpful, I would never shun a customer's opinion or right to speak. It is because of customers that we can do what we do, and you should be treat as such.
    So, was there no response? Just completely blocked? Were you not even offered a refund?

    I don't like this 'cos it'd be awful for this experience to give off an impression that all home business single-person ran jewellery makers are amateur and only out for the money and followers. please let me reassure you this is not the case, don't lose heart on other business for their mistake!
    Hopefully they were just having an 'off' day, but still, they should have given you a refund or atleast apologised (at the very least).


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